Monday, January 25, 2010

Will Brad Pitt return to Jennifer Aniston after break up with Angelian Jolie

PERHAPS the most telling sign that things were beyond repair for the world's most famous showbiz couple came last Friday night. 

Brad Pitt attended the internationally publicised celebrity telethon to raise funds for Haiti - with his former wife Jennifer Aniston.

Angelina Jolie is notoriously prickly about Aniston, and Pitt has been seen at the same event as his ex-wife only once before - last year's Oscars; and then he had Angelina at his side.
Until now, Jolie always seemed to have had the upper hand in the famous love triangle that has so fascinated the public.

But she has never got over the fact that Pitt's family, and the public at large, has always preferred Aniston to her.
Her jealousy about Aniston, 40, has always been hard for Pitt to fathom - particularly as Jolie is still close to both her ex-husbands.

As for Aniston, she has struggled to find lasting romance since her marriage broke up, and has often admitted she still loves Pitt.
Only a year ago she spoke of her hurt when Jolie confirmed what had long been suspected - their affair started before Aniston had split from Pitt.

Late last year, Pitt and Jolie had a furious row over her jealousy - and according to one magazine Jolie physically attacked him when he admitted he had been in contact with his ex-wife.
He has furiously denied allegations that he has actually spent time with Aniston, but numerous sources say she has been a shoulder for him to cry on as his relationship with Jolie has crumbled.

But Pitt being seen with Aniston is far from the only clue to an imminent split.
You have only to look at Pitt and Jolie to see how this is affecting them both.


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