Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mariah Carey to Launch Own Brand of Bubbly

Mariah Carey doesn't just dabble in bubbly at award shows...

The "Butterfly" songbird took to Twitter Friday to announce the launch of her very own champagne brand, fabulously dubbed "Angel."

"Didn't realize they put the champagne on the tables so we WOULDN'T drink it! Lol. No, seriously ANGEL CHAMPAGNE (ROSE) by MC coming soon!", the 40-year-old superstar tweeted.  

News of the Grammy winner's bubbly venture comes on the heels of a tipsy acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala Jan. 6.

Carey later admitted to indulging in a few "splashes" of champagne before taking the stage that night.
Powered by a ubiquitous YouTube clip, Carey's sloshed speech took on a life of its own. Even George Clooney got into the needling at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, telling the audience, "I'm like Mariah Carey, f--ked up right now!"

Now, thanks to her new booze venture, we can all be like George and Mimi. Bottom's up!


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