Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mother Of MTV 'Teen Mom' Star Arrested

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- Debra Danielson has been arrested for allegedly hitting her daughter Farrah Abraham, a star of MTV's ""Teen Mom," Iowa's Daily Nonpareil reported.

According to the newspaper, Debra, 54, was arrested by Council Bluff's police on suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault after she allegedly choked and hit her 18-year-old daughter on Saturday.

Police visited the address where both women live after a report of a domestic disturbance was made.
The two women were reportedly arguing over childcare issues and other "problems."

According to the paper, Danielson allegedly threw an MTV shirt at her daughter. The shirt reportedly landed near Abraham's baby and that prompted the teen to yell at her mother.
At that time, Danielson reportedly grabbed her daughter by the throat, the paper reported.
Abraham also claims her mother hit her on the right side of her face. Officers saw "multiple cuts" on Abrahams face, the paper noted.


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