Friday, January 15, 2010

Paula Abdul Is Missed On 'American Idol

Two episodes of the ninth season of "American Idol" are already in the books, and while the narrative about it being Simon Cowell's final season has yet to really emerge, there is one story line that has been front and center: the absence of original "Idol" judge Paula Abdul.

Wednesday on the MTV Newsroom blog, we asked readers whether they really missed Abdul's presence on the show. Based on the comments and tweets we received, it's clear that there is an Abdul-shaped hole in the hearts of even the most hard-core "Idol" fans.
"Paula brought beauty, grace and life to 'Idol,' " reader Roy wrote. " 'Idol' will be on the downslide unless they can find a way to replace all of the energy and enthusiasm Paula generated. She's still a great dancer, by the way."

Reader GMama agreed, adding that she doesn't believe new judge Ellen DeGeneres will be able to fill Paula's shoes: "It is not as good without Paula and I have quit watching the show. I like Ellen just fine, but not for this show. If Simon is really leaving the show, they should just stop the show altogether!"
Indeed, several people already assume Abdul will end up on Simon Cowell's new show "The X Factor" and they are looking forward to their reunion when that show airs in 2011.
"They should let that Kara chick go and keep Paula," reader Chermily wrote. "But it's their loss, 'cause I can't wait for 'The X Factor,' with Paula and Simon together again!" On Twitter, clare0807 echoed that sentiment. "Paula is definitely missed," she wrote. "I can't wait until she returns for 'X Factor.' "


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