Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ex-PBB housemate Sam Pinto admits dating Jake Cuenca

Sam Pinto, the latest Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up evictee, admitted Sunday that she used to date Jake Cuenca before the actor became a household name. The relationship though did not prosper because Cuenca, according to Pinto, became busy with his work.
“I don’t know. Naging busy siya sa soap niyang ‘Tayong Dalawa,’” she told “The Buzz” during her live interview.

She did not deny that she got a “bit hurt” when Cuenca suddenly ignored her because of his work.
But right now, there are no more hard feelings. She said she is happy for Cuenca’s success.
“Nakikita ko siya sa TV. [He’s] so famous now. I’m so happy for him,” she said.
PBB life
Meanwhile, Pinto is rooting for PBB housemate Jason Veron Francisco. She said she wants Jason to win because “he’s really a nice person.”

Pinto was evicted after receiving a total of 8.46% save and evict votes, coming third behind Johan Santos (10.19%) and Jason (34.46%).
First perceived by her housemates as someone who was shy and reluctant to mingle, Pinto was able to turn that around by expressing more of herself during the past days of her stay.
Inside the house, she learned to open up about the intimate details of her life to different people.
It was during the Christmas Ball last year when she shared her feelings about being somehow avoided by most guys because of her intimidating beauty.

Along with Rica Paras, who then also cried about being rejected and ridiculed, Pinto said she resented how some boys did not even dare try because of their fear of being turned down by her.
Another of Pinto's heartfelt confessions was the time when she spoke about the status of her parents' relationship during her dinner date with Hermes Bautista, together with Tibo Jumalon and Paras.
She told them she did not even know why her parents had separated. But even so, she understood that there are differences in life that just cannot be reconciled.
Fortunately, she has already accepted the way her family works now and regards her mom as the closest person to her heart.


She is also passionate about fashion.
As a student of fashion design, Pinto used her impressive dress-making skills and a good 9-year-long modeling career as outlets and aids to the weekly tasks and other special challenges inside the PBB house.
She was able to showcase her tiger prints-inspired outfit which she designed during the New Year concert called the “Pinoy Big Blast 2010: A Roaring Concert,” which gained praise and cheers from her housemates and the audience. -With a report from Krishna Belle Meniado, ABS-CBN.com


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