Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jessica Chobot Licking PSP Had All Men Excited

Jessica Chobot is a model and media personality who rose to internet fame. Chobot acted in an ad for a PSP where she licked it seductively.

Jessica Chobot’s birth to stardom was spontaneous after a picture of her licking a Sony PSP appeared on the internet in2005. That very photo has had many modifications and still it’s being used currently in the marketing of Sony products. Her same photo propelled her into the video game world adding onto her liking of video games and the entertainment journalism world. This saw Jessica Chobot hired full time by IGM to host the IGM weekly show.

Chobot is a host for IGN Weekly and she writes for The Daily Habit as its video game writer. As a matter of fact, Chobot has been offered more and more opportunities as her fame spread. Maxim has hired her to write a column.

Ask Men, the website, voted Jessica Chobot as the the 88th most desirable woman of 2008.
Until now, the said photo posted on the right, is being widely Googled.


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