Monday, March 09, 2009

‘Watchmen’ Dominates Box Office With Estimated $55.7M Opening Weekend

Call it a foregone conclusion, but with opening weekend box office estimates beginning to roll in, there’s now an abundantly clear response to the question, “Who watches the Watchmen?”

The answer: millions of fans.

While the final weekend gross is still unofficial, the L.A. Times is now reporting that, after an impressive $25 million Friday opening and an $18.7M Saturday take added to that, Warner Bros. analysts are predicting “Watchmen” weekend totals to be $55.7M once the smoke clears from the fanboys stampeding to the multiplexes during the film’s premiere weekend.

While “Watchmen” will easily take the #1 spot on the weekend box office chart — not to mention earn bragging rights as the biggest opening of 2009 thus far — the studio was reportedly gunning for a $60M opening weekend total, if not hoping that the film would eclipse the previous March opening champ, “300,” which raked in $70.9M during it’s debut weekend.

Yet, for a film with a running-time just shy of three hours, no big name talent, oodles of brutality, and based on a comic book that most of the general public has never ever heard of, it’s clear that “Watchmen” is a success, and it will be interesting to see how well the film fares in the coming weeks as more fans who couldn’t get into this weekend’s showtimes make their way to the theaters to check out the flick.

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