Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Best and Worst 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards Looks

At the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards, the Jonas Brothers and “Twilight” may have been the hot topics of the night, but casual chic ruled was the fashion feel of the night. Sure, a bunch of the ladies got dazzled up, but there was still a relaxed feeling about their get-ups. And the guys, for the most part, favored jeans and t-shirts…though sometimes the show’s host, Dwayne Johnson, favored no shirt at all!

Here are the best looks from the 2009 KCA’s!

Miley Cyrus: Her white tiered dress certainly looked crisp and clean on the red carpet, but it was her hot orange mini, asymmetrical dress that really dazzled. Why? Because it’s easy to shine in such an eye-catching color.

Ashley Tisdale: Out of the two “HSM” girls at the show, we had to pick Ashley and her black sweetheart neckline dress which definitely ruled over Vanessa Hudgens and her daisy dukes. The dress always also had sparkles and who doesn’t love sparkles?

America Ferrera: In a hot fuchsia dress, America didn’t look like an Ugly Betty at all. The dress hugged her curves and proved that colors and diamonds make anyone stand out in a crowd. Take note, ladies!

Jesse McCartney: Unlike both the JoBros and Zac Efron, who chose jeans and t-shirts but can still do no wrong, Jesse looked hot in his skinny suit, blue shirt and skinny tie.

Emma Roberts: In a little red dress (see it doesn’t always have to be a little black dress), Emma looked cool and hip because the dress has the funky lace overlay.

The Worst
We didn’t find lots of bad…until Paula Abdul hit the stage. Why? Too many accessories, messy hair, and sleeves that weren’t even connected to her shiny shirt. Oy vey!

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