Monday, March 30, 2009

Stars ooze compliments at Nick's Kids' Choice Awards

Who got slimed?

That's the question on everyone's mind when it comes to Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards.

"I want to slime my kids," Usher said from the orange carpet Saturday. "It's like I live at the home of 'No, Stop and Don't!' Naw, they're great kids, and they've always actually asked to be slimed, so I'm trying to figure out how to gather as much slime as I can. I don't know how much will fit in my pockets, but maybe I can take some home and give them a little treat."

Miley Cyrus, who stopped chatting with reporters to hug Demi Lovato and take pictures with Ashley Tisdale, said, "Oh, I would get my buddy Demi Lovato because she looks so pretty today. It'd be great to get her slimed!"

Lovato, who's preparing for a summer music tour, said she'd be fine with a sliming.

"Oh, I would want to get slimed by Miley. I mean, she's the teen queen. Why not? But, if I could slime anybody, I would want to slime the Jonas Brothers. They pranked me a lot on tour. So I want to get them back."

Cyrus also talked about her Hannah Montana movie, which arrives in April.

"It's a really cool film. We're going in a totally different direction than in the TV show. It's basically about trying to get my life back together, which I think is cool," Cyrus said.

Rapper Soulja Boy, who's topping music charts with hit Kiss Me Thru the Phone, said he doesn't have a slime fantasy but cautioned others to think twice about hitting him with green ooze now or in the future.

"I got these white pants on, and if green slime touches these, we're going to have a problem at the Nickelodeon Awards! Don't slime nobody next to me, either! Or in front of me.

"In fact, keep the slime like 100 yards away. At least."

Marlon Wayans, who ran up and down the carpet imitating other celebrities as they gave interviews, said he'd want to get slimed by Dwayne Johnson, who hosted the event.

"If he slimes me, I would be very upset, but that man is very buff, and I know in my good sense that I'm not to say nothing! I've seen him whup butt in movies. He's not going to whup mine," Wayans said. "Or maybe I'd slime David Spade, because I could kick him around. Or maybe the Jonas Brothers. We could have a Wayans Brothers vs. the Jonas Brothers slime-off. That would be cool."

Nick Jonas said he'd slime Hugh Jackman.

"I want to slime him pretty bad. I just watched Australia, and it's so epic. I would like to do the sliming, of course. That'd be pretty awesome. And I think he'd react very well," Jonas said.

Rocker Pete Wentz, who said his wife, Ashlee Simpson, and 4-month old son, Bronx, were at home, said he's enamored with fatherhood. Bronx "is awesome, man. He's growing, doing baby stuff. And I don't mind changing diapers, man. He's my little dude."

And as for who he'd want to slime?

"I would definitely for sure slime my wife, because every once in a while when me and my wife are in a fight, I want to slime her," he said. "And I know that Ashlee would for sure slime me because she knows how meticulous I am about my hair."

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