Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zac Efron Is All Grown-Up, OK?

Is Zac Efron trying to tell us something? If he is, his message is definitely mixed. Zac, 21, seems to be spending his days talking to the press about very adult things and posing with naked women in very provocative ways, while still doing publicity for the family-friendly flick “17 Again.”

First, Efron dished about how his mom bought him condoms for Christmas ’cause she knew he was having sex. Now he’s posing for Interview magazine in a T-shirt while a naked woman (not Vanessa Hudgens) lies on top of him.

In the Interview, uh, interview, Zac reveals to director Gus Van Sant that he’s made these decisions because he’s an old soul. “The whole idea of playing a 37-year-old guy as a 17-year-old was just the most exciting prospect for me,” he said of his “17 Again” role. “I was really intrigued by the idea. I’ve always been kind of an old man, so to speak.”

At 21, most people are borderline adults, but still, it’s weird to see the guy who made a name for himself playing Troy Bolton in “High School Musical” taking pictures with naked models. But regardless of how grown-up Zac wants us to think he is, he does say one thing that reminds us he’s still young. “I’ve fallen in love, and I’ve not known what I want to do with my own future — I still don’t know,” he said.

Well, Zac, if you ever need any advice, feel free to give me a call.

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