Monday, March 30, 2009

‘New Moon’ Finds Its Wolf Pack!

Check out the official cast members who will play wolves in the highly-anticipated movie New Moon. Also, the first teaser poster came out.

The wolves are now complete. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Summit Entertainment has cast Native American actors Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Spencer is Lakota (Sioux), Pelletier is Cree-Metis, Meraz is Purepecha (Tarasco), Gordon is Hualapai and Houseman is Cree.

The five actors will join original cast member Taylor Lautner in portraying the wolf pack in New Moon, in which the pack defends humans against vampires. I guess Vanessa Hudgens didn’t win the female wolf’s role.

And of course, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be back reprising their Twilight roles as Bella and Edward. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke will be replaced by Chris Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy, The Golden Compass) in New Moon.

Twilight Saga: New Moon is set for a November 2009 release.

Here’s a movie art of the Wolf Pack:

Pictured clockwise from lower left in the above photo are Alex Meraz as Paul, Tinsel Korey as Emily Young, Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara, Bronson Pelletier as Jared and Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call.

And here’s the very first teaser poster of New Moon:

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