Friday, March 13, 2009

'Twilight' Sequel Plays Directorial Musical Chairs

Perhaps in response to the less-than-thrilled reaction that the rumor that Drew Barrymore was set to direct "Eclipse," the third "Twilight" movie garnered, "Twilight" producers have come up with a name that conjures up an entirely different feeling than bubbly Drew...Juan Antonio Bayona. Bayona is the Spanish horror director behind the movie "The Orphanage."

We'd urge "Twilight" fans not to get all worked up about the news one way or the other just there are still other directors' names in the running (including Paul Weitz, and James Mangold) and if these "Twilight" movies have shown us anything thus far, it's that they're filled with backstage shake-ups. But we have to say, we think the Bayona idea, is a pretty killer one. While Bayona is yet to direct a film in English, we have no doubt he'd give us a movie with some seriously spooky ambience, adding a level of fright to the "Twilight" movies that hasn't yet been reached.

Not that all the kids out there necessarily want that. We do understand, that for millions of tweenage girls, these movies are more of a chance to pine over Robert Pattinson, than they are a chance to gain new material for some truly bone-chilling nightmares. On the other hand, Bayona would most definitely bring in a greater male audience - meaning the guys that previously found the idea of sitting next to their girlfriends as they drooled over Pattinson for two hours unappealing.

Or, producers could always stick with the Barrymore, who will most definitely fill the film with a lot more sunlight than Bayona, and who may ultimately decide that fairy princesses are a whole lot more entertaining than vampires, and "Eclipse" definitely needs a fresh fairy-princess direction. Don't say we didn't try and warn you...

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