Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drew Barrymore hated wearing 'cheese' on her arms in 'Grey Gardens'

Drew Barrymore, looking sleek in vintage-inspired Andrew Gn, talked at Thursday night's "Grey Gardens" premiere about having to wear a latex fat suit, including on her arms, to portray the reclusive eccentric socialite Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale in "Grey Gardens."

Not surprisingly, having to transform into a 50-year-old recluse's body made her get back into working and staying in shape.

"When I got that cheese taken off my arms each night I was like, oh, thank god!! So good to know where it’s headed! So I appreciate this time. I started weight training and roller jogging for 'Whip It' and then I got really in shape and I was like, oh, I better keep this up -- it makes me feel good.

"I do yoga, Pilates, weights -- sort of a combination. But I don’t take it too far. I eat what I want. I enjoy. I exercise. I try and be healthy. I can’t follow all this obsessive … [behavior], sorry!" We had to edit out Drew's last word so please forgive the choppy ending.

But there were bigger challenges than fat suits in making "Grey Gardens" -- understanding Edie's culture, her mind, the time period, not to mention aging from a girl of 18 to a woman of 58, as Drew explains in the next video.

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