Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adam Lambert Dictionary Expands 'American Idol' Fans' Vocabularies

At this point in the competition, the judges on "American Idol" appear to be running out of superlatives to describe how much they adore Adam Lambert's performances. Perhaps they should try something like "Adamlicious" or "Lamberlove" or "Glambulocity."


Those are just a few of the many, many Lambert-centric words in an Adam Lambert Dictionary, which was recently posted by some self-described "Teenage Glamberts" (noun used to describe a person in their teen years who is part of the Adam Lambert fan community) and contains dozens of Labert-ized phrases employed by the superfans to describe their favorite "Idol" contestant.

In addition to offering up text-ready abbreviations for some of the songs Lambert has performed on the show — including BoW for "Black or White," RoF for "Ring of Fire" and ToMT for "Tracks of My Tears" — the dictionary contains more than 100 Lambertisms to describe every phase of Lambert worship.

Some choice selections include: (click the link below)


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