Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kiefer Sutherland to be charged for headbutting designer

U.S. television and movie actor Kiefer Sutherland will face a minor assault charge for his alleged scuffle in New York this week, according to several tabloid reports citing an unnamed law enforcement source.

Sutherland’s headbutt incidence
Sutherland, who is currently serving five years probation for an unrelated drunken driving charge in Los Angeles, reportedly had headbutted women’s wear fashion designer Jack McCollough at an event after-party early Tuesday.

New York's Daily News reported at the time that the 42-year-old actor was talking to Brooke Shields at a Met Gala after-party when McCollough accidentally bumped into the actress. Sutherland at the time appeared intoxicated, demanding the designer apologize. When McCollough refused to apologize, Sutherland reportedly approached him and slammed his head into McCollough's face, breaking his nose.

"Sutherland was really drunk," New York Post quoted a witness as saying. "They started arguing and then he just head-butted him."

Sutherland claimed at the time that he attacked the fashion designer in order to defend the honor of Shields. However, authorities say the actor has violated the terms of his second DUI conviction, which clearly state the actor must "obey all laws".

"Our office intends to contact the NYPD and New York prosecutors to review the incident and determine whether Mr. Sutherland violated probation," L.A. City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan tells People.

Sutherland to surrender to NY police
A law enforcement source told the NY Daily News that the star of hit TV show "24" would surrender to New York police as early as Thursday to face a misdemeanor assault charge.

The source further told the Post that the actor will be issued a desk appearance ticket for the misdemeanor, with no jail term and no restrictions on travel before his arraignment.

Sutherland may land behind bars again if authorities find him guilty of violating the conditions of his sentence.

"If Sutherland's found in violation of probation for battery, and if he was intoxicated at the time, he could very well be sentenced to another 48 days or more," said Steve Sitkoff, an L.A. criminal defense attorney, who is not involved with the case.

Sutherland’s previous legal troubles
This is not the first time the “24” star is arrested for DUI, instead he has a history of DUI charges. As per the Los Angeles County Superior Court records, Sutherland was twice convicted for alcohol-related reckless driving, in 1989 and in 1993. In 2004, Sutherland was sentenced to serve 50-hours of community service for a drunk-driving charge in Los Angeles.

Sutherland’s professional and personal life
Born on Dec. 21, 1966 in London, UK, Sutherland is the son of actor Donald Sutherland and Canadian actress Shirley Douglas. He made a big screen debut by appearing as Bill in ‘Max Dugan Returns' in 1983.

Sutherland is most famous for his role as CIA agent Jack Bauer in the worldwide TV hit “24”. His magnificent acting in the Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran- created series helped him win a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, two Golden Satellite Awards, and two Emmy nominations.

Sutherland has been married twice. In 1988, he was married to actress Camelia Kath who was 14 years his senior. But their marriage lasted for only two years. The couple filed for divorce in February 1990. They share a daughter, Sarah Jude, born in the same year they got married. He was married a second time, to Kelly Winn, on June 29, 1996. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in May 2004.

Kiefer is known to have had romantic relationships with several women, like Julia Roberts and dancer Amanda Rice. He became engaged to Roberts in 1991, although their relationship ended just five days before their planned marriage, which was scheduled for June 14, 1991.

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