Wednesday, May 13, 2009

'New Moon' Script Found In The Trash In St. Louis

A St. Louis beauty-salon owner found discarded copies of two scripts for films featuring Robert Pattinson, but instead of selling them to the highest bidder, she returned the pages to the studio. Now she'll be attending both premieres.

Casey Ray discovered the scripts for the Pattinson-starring "New Moon," the sequel to last year's vampire blockbuster "Twilight," and the upcoming romantic drama "Remember Me" in a trash can on the street, according to The Associated Press.

Ray was apparently waiting for her fiancé when she saw the scripts in the trash outside a St. Louis hotel, where actors appearing in the new George Clooney film, "Up in the Air," were staying.

Ray considered selling the scripts to a national tabloid but decided against it, according to her lawyer, Al Watkins.

"My client didn't really want to get paid," he said, adding that she was hopeful to keep the copies as collector's items.

Instead, Watkins returned the scripts to Summit Entertainment, the studio behind both "New Moon" and "Remember Me," which was originally titled "Memoirs." In return, Summit extended Ray an invitation to the premieres of both films. The studio will certify the authenticity of the scripts after the movies hit theaters.

"Summit doesn't comment on any of the deals it does," Paul Pflug, a studio spokesman, said. "We thank Ms. Ray for doing the right thing."

While there has been no definitive explanation for how the scripts ended up in the trash, one of the actresses in "Up in the Air," Anna Kendrick, is also in "New Moon."

A rep for Kendrick said the actress would never leave scripts lying around for anyone to find.

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