Thursday, May 14, 2009

'American Idol' Fans Think Kris Allen Is Heading Home

Anything could happen on Wednesday night's (May 13) second-to-last "American Idol" results show. Onetime dark horse and fast-rising fan fave Kris Allen might get the heave-ho. Danny Gokey, who's gone the entire season without being relegated to the bottom three, might see his luck run out. Even Adam Lambert, who had a bottom-two scare during Rat Pack week last month, might go from glam front-runner to glum castoff.

The debate over who will be sent home has been raging within MTV News, but we wanted to know what you had to say. So we popped down to Times Square and asked your opinion about which "Idol" hopeful will soon be sent packing.

"I think Danny's going to go home tonight, because Adam and Kris have more presence — more of that pop thing," said Natalie Joos, 34. "They're cuter."

A bunch of you argued that Allen will be the last man standing. "I think Danny or Adam are going to go home, because I think Kris has already got it in the bag," said Jillian Snyder, 23.

But the majority of you are certain that Allen will be getting the boot from the "Idol" voting public. "I think Kris will be going home tonight, because I just don't think his style is appropriate anymore," said Junior Kennedy, 18. "Adam and Danny — they're definitely the two guys that are in charge of this competition."

"I think that Kris is going home because Adam is amazing and he's gonna win," Morgan Gentry, 18, said. "And Danny's just that much better than [Kris] is."

"I think Kris is going home because he more possesses a producer quality rather than a singer quality," Raymond Martinez, 25, told us.

Mark O'Reilly, 19, went so far as to question the manhood of the boyish Southerner Allen. "I think Kris is going home because he's got to pick up the pace," he said. "You got to man up! It's man-up season!"

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