Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aniston & Mayer's Romantic Valentine's Day Getaway

ELEUTHERA, Bahamas (X17online) - X17online caught up with Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer today as they departed the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas after a romantic Valentine's Day weekend getaway.

The couple left aboard a private jet from LA late last Thursday night, immediately after Aniston's second 40th birthday party, and they touched down on the island of Eleuthera the next morning after a 6 1/2-hour direct flight.

A source tells X17online the trip was a Valentine's Day present from John:

"John decided to surprise her on her 40th birthday, by telling Jennifer he had organized a romantic getaway for the two of them for Valentine's Day. Jen usually goes to Cabo or to Hawaii so the Bahamas was something new for her."
The pair stayed in a super luxurious home on the north of the island - the same island where Mariah Carey owns a house and where she and Nick Cannon were married last year. The pad is in an exclusive gated neighborhood on the island, and is directly on the white sand beach.

John and Jen spent their days indoors with only occasional outings out onto the beach. The couple stayed almost next door to Lenny Kravitz who is building a new home recording studio in his house there. Our source thinks John and Jen probably hung out with Kravitz at his home at least one evening.

But it was a short trip, as the pair took off today in separate private jets from the island's main airport.

Our photographer tells X17online:

"Jen looked really upset to be leaving John. John leaned in to kiss Jen but, should I say it, he seemed to be 'not that into her'! Not really, though. They were a cute couple, but Jen appeared to be much more concerned about separating from her boyfriend than John did. John always keeps his cool."

So John and Jen are off on their own again! Let's see where they reunite next!

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