Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ornussa Cadness unleashes 'inner tiger' in PETA ad

In a move to spread awareness about the ills of keeping tigers in captivity, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released its latest eye-catching ad: popular model Ornussa Cadness wearing nothing but painted-on tiger stripes.


In the ad, PETA and Cadness wanted to remind Filipinos that 2010 is the "Year of the Tiger" in Chinese astrology, and that these animals should be allowed to live in their natural habitat instead of being trapped in zoos.

Cadness, who is of Thai and New Zealand descent, had her "outfit" designed by tattoo artist Gene Testa and makeup stylist Leo Posadas.
Brillante Mendoza designed the set, while Xander Angeles shot the PETA ad.
"We are asking Filipinos to celebrate the year of the tiger by refusing to patronize zoos that keep these magnificent animals confined to cramped and barren concrete pens," PETA campaigner Christine Lee said in a statement released Monday.

"What amounts to a few fleeting moments of 'entertainment' for zoo visitors results from a lifetime of misery for tigers and other animals," she added.
According to PETA, an adult tiger's territory can cover more than 160 square kilometers of land, a space that even the biggest zoos cannot provide.

The entire Manila zoo, for one, measures only 0.055 square kilometers.
As tigers experience physical and mental frustration from being in captivity, PETA said they acquire an illness called "zoochosis," which is characterized by abnormal, neurotic, and self-destructive behavior.


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