Monday, February 01, 2010

The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Living Nightmare"

It has been two week's since our last installment of The Ghost Whisperer. And we have to say we weren't that impressed with "Living Nightmare". To come back from a mini hiatus, we were expecting more and it was just mean of the writers to hint around about the Shadows.

The visual effects, we have to admit, were pretty cool. Who wants to get weird and freaky yellow eye contacts now? Better yet, I think I know what I will be this year for Halloween! Demonic Mrs. Northman? Check and Check.

In any case, I am not sure if it was just us, but were any of you also confused throughout the episode? First we thought that Robert really was being haunted by a demon. Then we couldn't tie in why his whole family was dead. It almost felt like they had to wrap the sixty minute episode up at the end and left us feeling slightly used.

We feel as though maybe the writers did this because they know we are all waiting in anticipation for more information about the Shadows. So all in all this episode was a big tease. And like in reality, no one likes a tease.
Did you guy catch the on screen chemistry between Melinda and Eli? They really need to work on not showing that to us, because frankly, Jamie Kennedy is gross and her on screen hubby is so much hotter!


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