Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Mayer's Racist Comment

The Black and the White are still the two major existing racist difference in the World. Adding on to it is John Mayer's statement that he does not open up to Black women as his manhood is white supremacist.

For john Mayer, white is beautiful. When it comes to friendship he opens his hearts to all but about intimate relation, it's only the white skin which is invited. A racist practice which is confirmed by him itself.

He had recently been heard referring to a Black Women as Napalm. It is a dark coloured thickening agent, which might have it's own use but is ugly to look at. So, is it Mayer tactful use of words, to refer the Black beauties as ugly?

While on one hand, other celebrities are looking down on such a comment, there are others who are respecting his honesty.