Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Marilyn Monroe photos go on sale

NEW YORK (AFP) – Previously unpublished black and white photos of a laughing, stylishly dressed Marilyn Monroe visiting the poet Carl Sandburg in New York almost half a century ago went on sale Friday.
The pictures, shot by photographer Len Steckler at his apartment in December 1961, had spent 45 years in a private archive.

They show Monroe, aged 35 and only nine months from death, relaxing with Sandburg, a Pulitzer-prize wining poet.
The four single images and two triptychs -- a series of three pictures each -- are listed for sale at between 1,999 dollars and 3,999 dollars.

"On a wintry afternoon, Sandburg and Steckler patiently awaited Monroe, who arrived three hours later than planned, claiming she was at the hairdresser's trying to get her hair white to match Sandburg's," dealers Eagle National Mint said.

"The two spent the rest of the afternoon bonding over conversation and cocktails, fostering a new friendship while Steckler quietly observed, his Nikon loaded with black and white film, nothing more than natural Northern light pouring through the windows."

Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and is signed by Steckler.
The sale is online at and by phone.


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