Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ashton & Demi Tweet Against Hunger

Twitter power couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are using their popularity on their micro-blogging Web site for a good cause.

The pair has been calling for their Twitter followers to make personal videos to fight against U.S. hunger and send them to the stars to create a viral video for a new campaign for Feeding America.

“End hunger vid looks gr8. need 1 thing; webcam vids of U all say’n things like “No one should go hungry!” send 2,” Demi Tweeted on Friday. “Together we can change the world-we R creating a message, a movement by the people 4 the people!”

On his Twitter page, Ashton wrote that they wanted to raise awareness — and then expand.

“if ppl arnt aware of a problem they cnt fix it. we’ve also procured 10million dollars worth of food 2 distribute through ths effort,” he wrote, adding, “we are starting at home US then we will branch out.”

Ashton, Twitter’s most popular user, reached a second milestone on the social networking site recently — its first user to cross 1 million followers, he is now the only Twitterer with 2 million.

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