Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lindsay Lohan to face triple threat: Judge, possible jail time, and Dad Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan faces a triple threat today - a fed-up judge, possible jail time and her estranged father.
The "Mean Girls" star has a Beverly Hills court hearing on whether she violated probation for her 2007 DUI conviction.
Dad Michael Lohan will be front and center as Judge Marsha Revel mulls Lindsay’s alcohol class absenteeism and a missed court date.
If guilty, she could get six months in the pokey.
"I’ll be there to support Lindsay. And if the judge wants to give her jail time, I’ll say that’s not what she needs. Recidivism is so high when someone with a drug problem goes to jail," he told the Daily News.
He insists Lindsay is addicted to prescription meds.
"As long as prescription drugs are in the mix, she’ll never be 100% and have her career back," he said. "She can get off them with proper treatment, not jail."
Revel slapped an alcohol-monitoring SCRAM anklet on the sassy starlet, 24, in May and ordered weekly drug testing that allowed for prescriptions.
Lindsay reportedly isn’t sweating the legal showdown.
"It’s no big deal to her, even though she totally believes Judge Revel hates her guts," a source told TMZ.com.

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