Monday, June 28, 2010

Angelina Jolie Will Quit Acting Soon

We might be seeing a lot less of Angelina Jolie soon. The actress opened up to Vanity Fair magazine about her family and how they trump work these days. So much so that she may stop acting soon.

It’s not the most important thing in my life. Acting helped me as I was growing up. It helped me learn about myself, helped me travel, helped me understand life, express myself, all those wonderful things. So I’m very, very grateful, it’s a fun job. It’s a luxury. Look, I’m at work today in the middle of Venice. But I don’t think I’ll do it much longer.”

Jolie and partner Brad Pitt - together since 2006 - have six kids together. Yes, six. We can hardly handle one pet, forget six kids. Still the super couple aren't ruling out having more.

“We’re not opposed to it. But we want to make sure we can give everybody special time. They’re kids now, and can play together, but they’re going to need a lot more talking in the middle of the night, like I did with my mom for hours. We want to make sure we don’t build a family so big that we don’t have absolutely enough time to raise them each really well.”

She goes on to talk about how amazing Brad Pitt is as a partner and father - he sculpts, likes art, and she says he looks great with a beard. Maybe she really does have rose colored glasses?

Jolie did a complete turn life turn around. She went from being the dark rocker chic who made out with her brother and wore blood around her neck to the ultimate family woman who happens to dabble in charity work on the side as an ambassador for the United Nations.

I got back from work last night, and everybody was playing music and dancing and I suddenly found myself dancing around with a bunch of little fun crazy people.”

Actually, aside from the company she keeps, maybe things haven't changed all that much. 

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